Goodnight Moon

Since my last post, there’s been a few life changes I should probably update you on…

In the last month or so, I got a job offer in NYC (a couple actually), signed a contract, popped a bottle of champagne, found a roommate, signed a sublease, popped a bottle of champagne, pitched my last game, finished my softball career (this will be its own post someday…), cried a lot, turned in my last college assignment, popped a bottle of champagne, graduated college, and popped a (few more) bottle(s) of champagne.

Now on deck, my family will be driving me to the Big Apple tomorrow and next Monday, I’ll be leaving for a European adventure for 10 days (London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice) with one of my best friends. We’ll get back on June 16, I’ll turn 22 on June 18, and I’ll start my first full time position as a true New Yorker on June 19.

Everything is going so fast and it’s one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever experienced. Obviously we all grow up someday but it’s hard to think that “someday” is becoming my today. In the last week, I’ve made sure to see as many of my friends as possible and do as many Kansas City things as I can but it still doesn’t feel like enough. I’m going to miss so much about this place, but in addition to all my family and friends, I’m going to miss the physical state of Kansas so much. Life is going to be little different not seeing Jayhawks everywhere I go, watching the Kansas sunsets, hearing the “Let’s Go Royals” chant at the bars, blaring country music out my car windows, seeing the top of Fraser Hall on my drive to Lawrence, KC BBQ, driving past fields of corn and livestock, tailgating Chiefs games, singing along with my friends at the Wheel, listening to the cicadas outside my bedroom window, taking in the Kansas City skyline, and laying on my driveway looking at the stars. This place will always be home and I’m so excited for this next adventure but it is more than bittersweet to be closing this chapter of my life.

I’ll always be a Kansas girl through and through and everyone has been so supportive for my new life, it just doesn’t feel real just yet. Until I’m settled in, my life has kind of felt like the baby book, “Goodnight Moon,” and, let me tell you, there’s been a lot of really sad “goodnights.” I just keep having to remind myself that nothing is forever and how lucky I am to have had so many hard goodbyes.

So here it goes, someone pinch me because my dreams are becoming my reality and soon enough, Toto, we won’t be in Kansas anymore.