The Park

I’m not sure there’s anything as magical as a summer day in Central Park.

Thousands of people walk the intertwining sidewalks without purpose just enjoying a beautiful, sunny day. It’s hot and sticky outside, but the trees provide that perfect amount of shade and the breeze flows throughout the park in a way it doesn’t when you’re surrounded by skyscraper buildings.

I finished my book today laying on a blanket in a shaded lawn and although the happy ending to my book put me in a pleasant mood, the sounds of the saxophone player in the distance and the children giggling through the fountains made me feel completely at peace.

Central Park truly is an oasis from the  city. The vendors hum to themselves, old men play pickup softball games, little kids are learn how to ride bicycles and do cartwheels. There are Popsicles and bubbles and birthday parties and picnics and people just asleep in the grass. There’s truly nothing like it. Days like today are the best days. 

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