Grownup World

You always hear people (especially fresh college grads) saying, “Growing up sucks.” Being a junior, myself, I haven’t yet faced this reality– but I have caught a glimpse here and there.

The “grownup world” my peers are faced with is filled with big boy/girl things like getting a job and becoming financially independent. But, as my boyfriend -one of these fresh college grads I referred to earlier- embarks on this scary world only for grownups, I’m realizing the worst part of adulthood is leaving the people who love you.

Commencement ceremonies and graduation parties alike are filled with excitement and talk of the next chapters in life, however, what’s rarely spoken of is how hard it will be for you to move out of your home for the last time or saying goodbye to your friends for who knows how long. Tears aren’t shed for leaving college behind, tears are shed for leaving behind the people who made your college experience what it was. The people you once saw every day you may not see for years. The people who loved you and supported you the most can become hundreds of miles away with a blink of an eye. The unknown of embarking on a new adventure alone is what actually “sucks” about the grownup world, not actual adulthood.

And sure, I don’t know what’s in a college graduate’s head, but I’m currently one of the ones getting left. And that part sucks, too. Part of me aches because I’m excited for the new lives my friends are starting but the other half of me feels like pieces of me are being ripped apart. Maybe the beauty of this “grownup world” is realizing that you’re stronger because you lived the part that “sucks.”

It sucks because of the growing pains and the giant leaps you’re forced to make before you feel like you’re ready. It sucks because you don’t want to have to venture down an unknown path. It sucks because your loved ones may not be with you every step of the way anymore. But, I bet it stops sucking once you’ve found your way.

So good luck grads, the growing pains will subside and although I’ll miss you all dearly, I hope you realize that growing up may suck, but being grown doesn’t. We’re all in this together and although I’d love to climb into some of your suitcases and moving trucks, I’ll refrain. I have my own growing up to do– and yeah, before you ask, I’m sure it’ll “suck” too.

2 thoughts on “Grownup World

  1. It is sucky to grow up AND see friends leave and then eventually be the leaver… But Sophia Templin – trust me when I say, you get through the suckiness. AND the best part is the bonds that are forged, the life-long bonds…those never change. In fact, they keep getting better – sure – you may not see your friends on a daily, weekly, maybe even yearly basis. But the best friends – the life-long ones…you’ll eventually chat or meet up and it is like no time has passed. You pick up right where you left off. I like to call these friends my “comma” friends…the one where we merely pause, but the sentence isn’t over, just paused. As time goes on you’ll learn who are your “commas” and who were periods and hopefully, you learn the art of accepting all of the change with grace. And as you work on accepting all this change (because THIS never stops either) you gain new friends who all serve wonderful and amazing places in your life. Soak it all up! The good stuff…you are just getting a taste of it. XO

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