Hi, remember me?

Well it’s my fourth week in the city and I love this place. Between my internship and exploring, blogging has been pretty low on my list of priorities so here’s a quick little update of everything I’ve done thus far:

My roommate is a coke addict, Kate Moss obsessed hostess at a burger joint across the street and only goes by the name ‘Kelsey’ when she’s drunk.

We also live with a British-American waterpolo player, a Japanese actress with very broken English, a girl on the NYU fencing team who rarely comes out of her room, and a very Catholic investment banking intern. It’s dysfunctional and ridiculous and it’s been pretty great.

I love my internship: it’s a very small (but growing) digital marketing agency with very large clients and I’ve gotten to do a lot of very cool (very real) assignments.

I saw American Pharaoh take the triple crown at Belmont Stake and I won $80 like a champ. Beginner’s luck? I think not…

I saw GiGi on Broadway and stalked all the people headed to the Tony Awards.

I am a frequent visitor at Central Park and you can often catch me eating lunch in Madison Square Park.

I have thoroughly enjoyed living near Union Square and all the people watching it provides.

I have developed a small addiction to rainbow sprinkle soft-serve ice cream cones from street vendors.

I turned 20 with sushi, prosecco, the philharmonic in the park, roses, and a fancy birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery.

I’ve learned to value Kansas prices and Boulevard beer and become accustomed to everyone here drinking $12 Heinekens. Why is that a thing??

I had a corn dog at Coney Island, got yelled at for taking pics at the Met, and went to a very seedy, very literally underground script reading of a very depressing but very good play.

I did the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island thing, I’ve become quite good at the metro system, and am frequently asked for directions.

I have explored the night life scene, done a lot of window shopping, and have learned to genuinely appreciate a quality bottomless brunch.

Long story short, I ❤️ NY. I should get a t-shirt.

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