Big Girl Panties

I officially live in NYC and T-Swift’s song, “Welcome to New York” is pretty much my anthem.

Today was an exciting day filled with many emotions. My parents and I started off our morning getting breakfast at a delicious French bakery and moving into the NYU dorms. I have a doorman and three other roommates and a little teeny closet. It’s so New York it hurts. Then we had Metro drama and somehow navigated our way to Lowe Profero’s offices, even though we couldn’t snoop past the first floor. We then found lunch and thankfully sipped Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s (S/O to NYC Sunday brunches). After lunch, my parents left and I cried for a solid 20 minutes. Mom told me to put the big girl panties on and I wiped the tears away when I heard one of my roommates come home. After I stopped blubbering, I did some grown-up stuff and filled out my work paperwork for tomorrow. Then, I met some KC friends for dinner in Little Italy and clearly I pull off the New-Yorker-navigating-in-the-rain look well because I was asked for directions. Pasta, wine, and a cannoli later, I traveled back home and successfully maneuvered my way home using the Metro. AKA successful day and I’m one day closer to belonging here.

In other news, I start work tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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