I was nominated for the #20beautifulwomen challenge and instead of posting a selfie I feel beautiful in, I wanted to throw it back to a week that changed my perspective on life. At the Commission on the Status of Women, I was joined by many other UN delegates to represent females from all other the world and promote equality and education. The two girls that join me in this picture are from Sierra Leone and I learned more from them through their world perspectives and experiences than I will ever learn in school. I only spent a week at the UN, but it was enough for me to fall in love with pro-social causes and become a female advocate for the rest of my life.

I love social media campaigns but I think this hashtag is kind of a ridiculous way for women to post a selfie they feel is more justified than usual. There are absolutely positives to encouraging women to feel confident and see the beauty in themselves, but, I think that a campaign that encourages women to post pictures of women they admire or something they’re proud of would be more successful. Every picture is beautiful because every human is beautiful; there shouldn’t have to be a hashtag campaign in order for people to see that.

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