True Life: I’m an E-mail Hoarder

I love online shopping. Correction: online window shopping would probably be more politically correct on a college budget like mine. If you also partake in shopping online, then you know for many sites, you can’t enter until you give them your e-mail. Although I’m sure there are many people that choose to exercise self control, I do not and without fail, I submit my e-mail to pretty much any site I stumble upon. Therefore, this morning, I deleted 2645 e-mails from the three accounts I actively used.

Some e-mails were the junk mailers I invited to occupy my mailbox, but many of the e-mails that were sitting there were over a year old. They were all there: old office hours e-mails, correspondences with the university newspaper old editor, grade checks, practice schedules, etc. I deleted every e-mail in my box but 25 that are still relevant and I’m not going to lie, it felt like I was deleting old friends. They may just be old e-mails but it actually made me sad to see the memories and invites and information disappear. This is not normal. With every e-mail came another pathetic wince as I hit delete and I realized that this needs to stop. I’m actually a hoarder… and this actually needs to stop…

So, for the first of my many goals for 2015, I vow to stop collecting e-mails like they’re a baseball card collection. I’m getting closer and closer to my professional life and I need to use my e-mail accounts to organize my life, not to collect old memories. I’m not going to promise that I won’t be online window shopping anymore, but I’m going to use a junk e-mail from now on. I cleared every mailbox, deleted all my trash, and hit unsubscribe to every junk mail clogger and I already feel less overwhelmed.

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