Prayers for NCTC

Apologies for not blogging in awhile, my life is pretty hectic. This week was our first week of team practice so we’re at 20 hours, I had 2 exams, a quiz, a 5 page essay over the Vietnam War, AND it was Homecoming Week so I’ve been pretty busy. However, I am making time to blog about the North Central Texas College softball tragedy.

Last night, around 9 p.m., the NCTC softball team was traveling back to Texas after playing games in Bethany, Oklahoma on Interstate 35. A tractor-trailer crossed the median and collided with the team’s bus causing four deaths and over 15 injuries

The softball community has become an outpouring of love and support for NCTC and are fostering a grieving community on multiple social networking sites. This story hits home for so many of us.

You may not get to pick your collegiate teammates, but your teammates are always there for you. Teammates are the girls that are there to see you fail, to see you persevere, to see you have success. They are there to pick you up when you’re down and they’re there to celebrate with you. They support you and pick on you. Being teammates is an amazing bond and in college athletics, a team only becomes a tighter, more cohesive unit.

To hear about the NCTC tragedy makes my heart ache. To have your teammates die around you, to see the girls that you look to for love and support broken. I pray for the NCTC softball team and I know I’m not alone. Today, we grieve together. Regardless of what division, what sport, what age, what gender, etc. Today, the softball community grieves the loss of a team.


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